Accounting is more than just bean-counting!

As a new business owner, you’re aware that hiring an accountant is essential for managing financial records, but it’s important to recognise that a skilled accountant offers much more than just bookkeeping services.

Building a successful business involves a lot more than just taking care of the numbers. Bookkeeping or bean-counting as it’s sometimes affectionately known will take care of the basics – making sure you meet your tax obligations and keeping track of the money going in and out of your business. But what about when you want to grow or diversify your business or are thinking about restructuring your finances or purchasing a new business?

That’s where the skills of an accountant really come into play. Yes, we take care of the numbers but we also offer a whole range of advice to help your business thrive and succeed.

Financial planning

Planning and forecasting is essential for any business. Your accountant can help you to plan your business structure, forecast commercial opportunities, create business cases or feasibility studies and navigate business valuations. Putting plans into place and keeping you on track to achieve them.

Strategy and Business Advice

Advisory services help you to develop and plan your business strategy. If you’re looking to tackle new markets or customer segments an accountant or business advisor can help you to identify the best approach. Working with you to fully understand your business drivers and how you can enhance your operations to achieve them.


Recent changes to Trust legislation has increased the complexities of using a Family Trust and increased the obligations on Trustees. Your accountant can help you to fully understand how your trust works and how to set it up effectively to ensure it’s meeting its objectives.

Compliance and Financial Regulations

Keeping abreast of financial regulations and compliance can be a daunting task. Your accountant will be up-to-date with all the latest changes to tax legislation, financial reporting standards and industry-specific regulations, which means you can leave all of that to them and be confident that your financial statements comply with the relevant guidelines while you get on with running your business.

Tax Advice

One thing is certain and that’s a tax bill. Managing your tax obligations and planning for your upcoming tax payments is essential, with the help of an accountant you’ll stay on top of your tax obligations and can budget accordingly. By looking at different tax payment solutions to suit your business’ requirements, including tax pooling and tax financing to spread payments across the financial year and make them more manageable. Read more on tax compliance.

The Villa team will always make sure we cover the basics of bean-counting but we love helping your business grow and thrive. If you need support with financial planning, building your business strategy or any business advice, please get in touch. 

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