You have grown and managed a successful business, but for whatever reason it is time to exit. Navigating an exit strategy can be difficult as business ownership is often not just about owning your business in a financial sense, there are emotions involved too. With the right exit strategy in place, and a plan to execute the strategy over time, exiting your business can be fast or slow paced – it’s all about what works for you.

Villa offers independent valuation and financial advice and works with you to plan a successful business exit strategy or restructure based on your short and long term goals.

Business Valuations

Regardless of your business structure, when you choose to exit your business or rework your ownership structure you need to know the true value of your business. At Villa, we get to know you and your business to ensure we have a clear understanding of the business that is being sold. This process involves conducting internal due diligence as well as a market and industry review to provide insights wherever possible. We use an array of valuation techniques to gain a realistic view of the value range of your business and use benchmarking tools to compare your business value to other comparable businesses.  Overall, this gives you a clear understanding of the value range of your business in the current market climate and allows you to more effectively set and negotiate your sale price upon your decision to exit.

Succession Planning

Succession planning helps you clarify what you want for the future while taking into account business, personal and family expectations.  Your business succession plan will define the steps required for your exit and provide a time line to work towards to turn the plan into reality. Three to five years is an ideal timeframe to make sustainable improvements and plans but as with any planning, the more time you have for implementation the better.

Villa can conduct a succession planning session with a presentation providing an overview of important considerations, succession options and processes relevant to your business.  We will then work with you to define your succession timeline and identify your ideal succession scenario, opportunities to improve your business value and vulnerabilities you need to manage, documenting them in a robust succession plan.  As a result, you will have a roadmap to guide decision making and ensure your business is in the best position to achieve maximum return on your hard work and investment.

Tax Obligation Planning

The sale or closing of any business inevitably results in tax obligations. Often these costs are overlooked by businesses going through their exit processes and they can receive an unwanted surprise in the form of GST, income tax or other applicable taxes. Villa helps you to plan for your business exit by analysing the potential tax obligations upon your sale or exit from your business. We also help by minimising these tax obligations by giving advice on structuring your potential sale or exit to ensure the lowest possible tax liabilities.

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