Every company has something in common, regardless of their size, age or market. We all need to adhere to tax compliance regulations across all forms of taxation. Often, tax accounting and compliance can be seen as a necessary evil, but in reality this is a key area of your business where you can save money and improve your bottom line. A successful tax compliance accountant will identify areas where your business can save on tax while also ensuring that you meet all of your obligations under applicable New Zealand or international tax laws.

Being qualified Chartered Accountants, Villa understands the importance of effective tax compliance in any business and has experience navigating taxes across a range of different businesses and markets. Along with this expertise, we understand that sometimes our clients wish to learn more about tax compliance and the impact of taxation on their business. We are here to help you understand your tax obligations and will always provide up front quotations for our services, plus we will never charge you if you contact us to clarify something or ask a question!

Tax Obligation Planning & Forecasting

Tax bill surprises are something nobody wants happening in their business, so planning for your upcoming tax payments and forecasting future payments is essential. Villa helps to ensure that your business is always on top of your upcoming tax payments, so you know exactly what is around the corner. We are able to forecast your tax obligations up to two years in advance and work with you to put together a tax saving schedule to meet your tax payments and ensure there are never any unwanted surprises.

Tax Management

Clever tax management can significantly reduce the tax payments for your business, saving you money and helping with cash flow management. Villa can help you navigate your businesses taxes, making you aware of your tax obligations well in advance so you’re not charged penalties or use-of-money interest. If your cash flow is stretched then we can recommend different tax payment solutions to suit your business’ requirements, including tax pooling and tax financing. Tax pooling is a great tool used to structure your tax obligations to suit the flow of income in your business, for example a seasonal business can use tax pooling to spread provisional tax obligations across the financial year to make payments more manageable. Villa can provide comprehensive advice on tax management tools and help your business set up tax pooling or tax finance accounts.

Income Tax, GST & FBT Returns

Navigating your income tax, GST and FBT can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Villa can prepare your tax returns from scratch, including covering all your book keeping requirements, or we can up your completed book keeping work and just manage the tax return process with the IRD – whatever works for you and your business.  Villa also has experience dealing with tax obligations on overseas income and can complete your New Zealand tax returns regardless of the countries your organisation is operating in.

Tax Structuring & Advice

As organisations grow and change, our structures are often adjusted at the same time. The same goes for your company’s tax structuring. Villa has experience in managing taxation obligations for various companies of different structures and sizes, this has given us expertise in the benefits and pitfalls of a large range of different tax structures. We can help you to decide on an appropriate tax structure for your business, to suit your financial and business goals.

Trust Review

As a result of the Law Commission review, the robustness of family trusts is coming under considerable scrutiny. Villa can review your Trust setup, identify any administration gaps and ensure your Trust is compliant with legislation. We can also help put systems in place to ensure Trustees are meeting their obligations. Villa has a number of resources and templates to help you understand this complicated topic and help to develop an effective Memorandum of Wishes. Most importantly, Villa provides a framework to ensure your Trust is meeting its objectives.

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