Start Up

Starting a business is a big deal, whether you’re purchasing an existing business or starting something completely new. Starting your own new venture is a huge step, regardless of if your start up is founded with the intention to remain small yet successful in an industry you know well or if you’re looking to shake up the market with something completely new. We are becoming accustomed to hearing success stories of start up companies who have turned a humble idea into a successful enterprise, so if you have an idea, the time to kick start your company and begin to achieve your goals is now.

If you’re looking to start a new venture by purchasing an existing business then analysis of your potential new company’s profitability, business procedures, markets and overall value is important. Ensuring your business is success from the outset is a priority, so delving into the financials and conducting due diligence can help to identify any areas where your new business may be vulnerable.

At Villa we understand the leap of faith involved in starting your own venture as we have gone through the exact same process recently. Achieving your business and personal goals through leaving the safety net of your salaried role to start something on your own can be daunting, likewise making the decision to purchase an existing business can be a large undertaking especially if you’re already running your own business. Villa is here to help. From business planning and advice through to business feasibility studies, due diligence, business valuations and forecasting tax compliance obligations, Villa can help you establish your new business for success.

Business Planning & Financial Forecasting

Planning and forecasting is essential with any project, starting a business is no different. Villa can help you plan your new business structure, forecast commercial opportunities, aid with due diligence and assist with navigating grey areas such as goodwill valuation. While we work on planning the financial aspects of your new business, Villa will work with you to set realistic business goals and put a plan in place to achieve these efficiently and effectively.

Business Advice

Villa are qualified Chartered Accountants and business advisors. Perhaps your start up isn’t quite ready to get started and you need some advice on the best way to go about navigating your new market. Maybe you have big goals and aren’t quite sure of the best, most efficient way of achieving these successfully. Villa is here to help you with qualified advice throughout the planning of your start up venture, whatever your requirements may be.

Feasibility Studies

Sometimes a great idea may look good in principle but the feasibility of creating a commercial venture from it just isn’t there, this may be due to competitive pressures or various other market factors. Villa can help you conduct a feasibility analysis of your business idea and the market to determine the viability of your new venture, and confirm that your goals can be met by looking at existing competitor offers, potential investors, margin and profit analysis of your potential business and other aspects of the commercial landscape.

Feasibility is often not a black and white ‘yes or no’ type answer, your business structure, ideas and goals may just need to be tweaked slightly to fit with the commercial environment of your new market.

Accounting Software Training & Support

When you’re starting a new venture or purchasing an existing business, setting up business systems for efficient and effective operation is a must. Accounting software is something that if set up well initially, can save you time and money down the track. At Villa, we will work with you to decide which accounting software solution is best for the needs of your new business. We are Xero Certified to provide setup training and payroll training to help ensure you’re using Xero effectively. If Xero isn’t right for your new business we can also offer training and support on various other software platforms including Accredo, Ardex, MYOB, Reckon/Quickbooks, Financials for O365 and Infusion.

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