Using smart software to help your business

If your business deals with multiple clients and you have multiple projects on the go at once, then read on! This is not just another accounting software blog, it is about using smart software to really help your business. We’ll keep it light, promise.

Xero is a great accounting software tool which has helped many Villa clients progress their business through an easy to use system. We’ve found that our clients use Xero because the system is simple, with all of the more in-depth accounting bits and pieces hidden away for when you really need them! Xero has launched a few different add ins over the past few years, one of these is Xero Projects which is a must-have for any business dealing with a number of different clients or working on a range of jobs. 

Easy time and expense tracking

The Xero Projects add on is an additional feature of Xero that enables easy time and expense tracking by client or project. This might sound simple, and it is, but it is invaluable come invoicing time as the data tracked in Xero Projects feeds straight into your invoice for a client or project. You can easily track the time you’ve spent on each project, task or working for each client, and allocate an hourly rate within Projects. This is handy for forecasting monthly income, tracking expenses by job or keeping a handle on the amount of time your team is spending on each project to better understand where their workload sits.

Reduce time spent invoicing 

We are all about saving time, so this is a brilliant feature of Xero Projects. When invoicing time rolls around you can simply raise an invoice from within Xero Projects and send it direct to your client. We love the flexibility offered here, you can send a fixed price invoice, progress or part-payment invoice or a full detail invoice with line items for time and expenses. 

Use it anywhere

Xero Projects runs on desktop through your usual Xero dashboard and is also available as a handy smartphone app for iOS and Android, which takes the functionality to the next level. The app works just as well as the desktop version with the ability to track time, raise invoices, create jobs and tasks plus much more. Additional features such as prompting you to start tracking your time when you reach a certain location are great, too.

Low cost for time saved

The Xero Projects add on can be added to an existing Xero subscription for $10 per month for one user, and $7 per month for each additional user. Considering the time this little add on will save, we think that’s good value.

Need something more powerful?

If your business needs a project tracking and management tool that has a bit more customisation available, check out Xero’s Workflow Max. It’s like Xero Projects’ big brother with more features and full project management functionality.

Need help choosing the right software to reduce the amount of admin time spent tracking time and expenses? Let us know, we’re happy to help!

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