Why do we choose to live and work in Whangarei?

It’s no secret that regional areas of New Zealand are thriving. One look at recent media articles on real estate markets and living wage requirement comparisons between big New Zealand cities and the regions gives evidence of this. Further than just listening to the media, why do we choose to live and run businesses in smaller cities or regions? More specifically, why Whangarei and Northland?


The lifestyle – this seems to be a number one factor for most of us. We know we live in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand, if not the world, and our lifestyle tends to reflect that. We have the luxury of pristine beaches, amazing bushwalks and hikes, and a city that is small enough to feel ‘local’ but has everything we need. Sure, smaller cities aren’t for everyone, but Whangarei certainly works for Villa and less stress can only be a good thing!


Opportunities are there for the taking – we have a steady economy which doesn’t rely heavily on one particular industry. With a healthy split between dairying, general agriculture, construction and tourism we have a brilliant balance to keep our economy ticking over. Villa has clients from across a range of professions, some are directly linked to Northland’s dominant industries and others are not. Opportunities for business growth that are there for the taking if you want them!


We have a “support local” attitude – this is a big one, and a huge factor for anyone wishing to begin or expand their business journey in Whangarei or Northland. As a community and a region we like to support our own, at Villa we certainly do so wherever we can. We are members of The Orchard Business and Event Hub, a co-work environment in Whangarei, and it is clear to see that wherever there is an opportunity for a local business to support another local business we jump on board!


As an accounting and business advisory company, we support any business willing to seize the opportunity to reach their business goals in an economy like Northland’s. At the outset it may look like the majority of opportunities for wealth growth and business success are in the big cities, but Whangarei and other regions of New Zealand are quickly proving that theory wrong. If your goals are to expand, to wind up, or to grow your business for a future sale, Northland offers the perfect economy and lifestyle balance to do so.

Villa Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors are here to help you every step of the way, maximise the opportunities at hand and boost your business with our help!

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