How we succeeded in “turning vision into value”

Have you ever thought of an idea, a goal or a project and had “that feeling” but thought “no way, that’s biting off WAY more than we can chew!”? Sometimes you just have that “feeling” though – a gut instinct that the idea or goal is audacious but that you have the capacity and skills to create value and pull it off. How do you turn that “feeling” into action when those around you may not have the same inkling?

At Villa we pride ourselves on “turning vision into value”, and helping Northland businesses do the same. When the idea of Villa was first born we knew that the service we would deliver to Northanders was unlike anything available in the market. We also knew that our physical space needed to offer our clients a welcoming place to inspire them to turn their ideas, goals and visions into a reality. And so began a challenge unlike we had ever undertaken before!

“Turning Vision Into Value”

The ultimate test of Villa’s “turning vision into value” tagline has been our villa renovation project. When we spotted a run-down 100 year old kauri villa for sale on Maunu Road, we knew it was the right space for our new business dream to come to life. The strong vision of what the villa could become was the driver behind our brand name and the amazing space we were yet to create. After a year long renovation process, a huge amount of effort and continuing to remind ourselves and others of our vision, the villa is a reality!

Your vision is a powerful tool

There were plenty of people who thought we had bitten off more than we could chew, that the villa was beyond repair and could never become what we wanted it to be. The key to overcoming doubts and continuing the drive to turn our dream into a reality was our solid goal setting and planning. 

We lived and breathed our vision. Every time we hit a challenge or a stumbling block, we would deep dive into the reasons we were working to create something special. This served as a reminder of exactly what we were creating and why we were pushing to make it a reality. Having a vision that you live and breathe is a powerful tool, it allows you to silence the doubts of yourself and others.

Plan, plan and plan again

The villa didn’t just pop up overnight. We had the vision and had the plan in place to turn something that was just an idea into value. Turning our vision into real value for our business took goal setting, planning and re-planning to achieve the end result. We really did practice what we preach by sitting down and specifying a plan of how we would turn our business goals into a reality. Our plan for the villa renovation worked in conjunction with our Villa Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors business plan, the two were always moving toward achieving the same end goal. Through this process we further refined our planning sessions for our clients and can attest that the process works – with real renovation and business success results!

Check out the images of the renovated villa on our Facebook page.

Turn your vision into value

Do you have a business goal that you know can be a success? Get in touch, Villa specialises in helping Northland businesses kick goals. We will sit down with you and help you refine what you want to achieve and put a plan in place to get you there. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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