Why we should all be supporting local businesses

Here at Villa we are pretty passionate about supporting local Northland businesses. We believe in supporting each other so much that we created I Am A Northland Business, an online directory and social media community to help all of us buy from other Northlanders. You’ve probably seen a few groups forming with the same ‘shop local’ message, but why? Why does it make such a difference to our local economy if we shop local or buy from box box retailers? 

Firstly, we have nothing against big box retailers. They’re often the product of a great deal of hard work. The difference between the big guys and our local friends in business is that larger retailers often have the capital to ride out a storm like COVID-19, and they have marketing budgets to ensure they make enough noise to “bounce back”. Local, small businesses put their profits back into their business so a rainy day fund is virtually non existent.

Shopping local means contributing to a money-go-round of cash

When we put money into our local economy it means a small business can purchase their stock or inputs, they can employ local staff, and they can pay themselves a wage which means more local spending – think local cafes, clothes for their children, gifts for family or friends.

Local businesses support local themselves 

Not only do they show their support through their spending, they’re also the ones donating to community fundraisers, offering goods and services for sports teams and charities, and donating their time to local events. If you’ve ever asked a small business for a donation to support a charity, it is time to reach into your pocket and support them before you think of buying outside of your community.

Do it for the feel good factor 

If nothing else, support your local businesses because it WILL make you feel better about your purchase! 

If you’d like to learn more about how we support local, head to the I Am A Northland Business and Villa Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors Facebook pages. We are sharing our “buy local” stories, and recommending local businesses by listing them in a free online directory.

The people behind small businesses are generous and resilient, but they need us all to support them. Get out there and BUY LOCAL!

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