Top Marks Surface and Bench Repairs

Trades Whangarei

Top Marks can repair and remove damage on many types of materials including formica, acrylics, tiles, ceramic, fibreglass, vinyl, and plastic to make them like new again. In fact, we will most likely be able to repair just about any hard surface that has been damaged around your house.

Typical types of damage that we repair are cracks, burns, blemishes, holes, scrapes, scratches, cuts and gouges and I am sure that there are some that we still have not seen.

So if you have burnt benchtops or a blistered benchtop, a blemished or stained surface, cracked fibreglass or any other type of damage to your kitchen bench or units, bathroom vanity, bath or any other surface made of ceramic, acrylic, vinyl, formica, in fact, any surface at all then please contact Mike at Top Marks.

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