Soil & Sand Clothing

Fashion Retail Whangarei

We are just a couple of Kiwi’s from Northland here in Aotearoa chasing our dreams.

We started to brainstorm what to call our clothing brand. As husband and wife, we wanted something different but unique to us. We wanted it to be about home, connections to our people, land and sea. I was brought up on a farm and my husband was brought up on the coast. I am the ‘Soil’ and he is the ‘Sand’.

Soil & Sand was established early 2016, since then we have sold garments out of our vehicle, our home, markets, festivals and pop up stalls at beaches. It has been a wonderful journey and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

We are bringing a fresh new twist on clothing with Maori infused prints, bright colours and originality. We design and print all our own clothing, we come up with what we would like to wear and represent.

Soil & Sand is our whakapapa, connections to our people, land and sea. We love being home on our Soil & Sand.



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