Matakana Skincare

Beauty & Skincare Waipu

Matakana Skincare hand craft a range of face, body and spa products which are blended to soothe and nourish all skin types – the end result: safe, natural and effective skincare that our customers love!

What began as a small natural soap company in 2010 has now undergone intensive research in order to create a range of beautiful skincare products. Currently the company has two main focuses, essential oils and natural plant-based oils and butters. These ingredients have so many beneficial qualities, and it is my pleasure to be able to share these healing and nourishing goods with others.

Matakana Skincare prides itself on ethical, cruelty free practice and therefore all products are plant based, relying on natures incredible healing and cleansing properties. Where possible, ingredients used in our skincare products are organic.

Matakana Skincare has an online store and can ship products throughout New Zealand for contactless delivery.



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