Karavel Lane

Hairdressing & Haircare Whangarei

Home to Katherine Silulu, offering hair styling services both sustainable and with an environmental conscience.

Its been almost 3 years since embarking on my journey to becoming plastic free, choosing to lead a more simple life, both sustainable and of course ethical with my husband and daughter along for the ride.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself, adopting new beliefs/values and in doing so I’ve been able to reduce my footprint significantly, having a positive effect on all those around me. But somehow after leaving the hair industry for a year to regroup, I was led back to where my training first began 13 years ago. Not only that, but through aligning myself with sustainable, like minded brands I discovered I could reinvent the way in which I conducted myself and others in salon.

So with a duo previously worlds apart, Karavel Lane was born. A hybrid of my own, where hair styling and environmental education meet with one focus, conscious styling.

In other words, if you’re after effortless hair styling with an approach that’s kinder to you and the planet, I would love to hear from you.

Katherine x

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