What exactly is a Chartered Accountant?

Why does every small, medium or large business owner need a Chartered Accountant (CA) on their team?

Engaging a CA to prepare your Annual Financial Statements and Tax Returns for you means that you can be sure you have someone on board with not only the necessary qualifications but also the experience. Chartered Accountants are certified with CAANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand), this body regulates our industry and provides training to keep members up with the play. Think of it like a master tradesperson association, but for accountants.

As a CA, it is important that I understand how I can make a difference to my clients. How am I going to help my clients and their families achieve what they want to achieve? The ability to analyse and interpret the financial data alongside any other non-monetary business data is a real advantage.

Trust is one of my core values. Both in my professional and personal life. My clients put a lot of trust in me and being able to help my clients achieve their goals and make a difference to their lives is why I love what I do.

A Chartered Accountant’s job is to help you work smarter, not harder. And to help you achieve your business goals.

Your CA is there to give you insights into your business. By analysing financial data and non-financial data is what sets us aside from the average business consultant.

Times are changing and today’s CA is up with the play. At Villa, we embrace technology and automation and I apply this keen interest to my clients’ businesses by providing advice on how to improve their business processes using smart technology. Chartered Accountants are ideally placed to be the ‘human in the loop’ and provide the creativity to an otherwise data driven process- perhaps we are entering an era when being described as a ‘creative accountant’ is not so bad.

Do you have a CA working for your business? Get in touch with Villa today and we can discuss the benefits of having a Chartered Accountant on your team.

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