Building Your Business In Northland

We all know that Northland is a great environment to work and live, yet sometimes our region cops a bad rap in the media. Despite the often negative media portrayal, Northland is a brilliant location to build a strong business – I know, I’ve started my business here with the view to continue its growth well into the future.

We have a great number of amazing business building tools at our disposal in Northland! These tools, groups and organisations have helped many growing regional businesses and projects on their way to success, your business is no different! Here is a short list of some great business tools available to us in the Northland area, and how to take advantage of them:

Surround yourself with like-minded people – when building your business, or even just thinking about expanding and planning your next move, be sure to surround yourself with others who are doing the same thing. Working from your home can be productive but generating new ideas requires some inspo that you probably won’t find in your empty home-office! Co-work spaces are brilliant breeding grounds for inspiration and motivation, where you can bounce new ideas off others. Whangarei has a couple of co-work options, Villa Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors works out of The Orchard. The central city location and team environment attracts a huge range of different small businesses, where striving to grow, improve and expand is so much a part of the culture that you can have an inspiring chat at the water cooler or while you’re making a coffee!

Use the tools available to you – in Northland we are lucky enough to have a group dedicated to promoting and growing Northland’s economy, this group is Northland Inc ( With funding from the Northland Regional Council, private and public agencies and central government, Northland Inc has a vision for Northland to become one of the most prosperous regions in New Zealand, a large part of this involves helping small businesses to grow and thrive. With services ranging from advice on staffing to import/export dos and don’ts as well as great downloadable business growth planning tools, don’t go past the Northland Inc website when planning your business growth. This Northland Inc quick focus guide to building your business is a great place to start.

Ask other successful people – sometimes we are quick to dismiss the business experience of others as they don’t operate in the same market or even the same era as us! Despite these differences, the experience of others can be hugely motivational and insightful for us when growing our own business. Do you know of someone who has grown their business from nothing to something? Someone who achieved their goals in a similar manner to your ideal path to success? Reach out! Ask them for advice even if their area of expertise doesn’t align perfectly with your business model, you’d be surprised at the depth of knowledge or motivation they may provide.

Ask us! At Villa, we are more than “just” an accountancy firm. We put time and effort into getting to know our client’s business, or their business idea, to provide sound business advice that is tailored to your business. We work with a range of clients to cover their financial and taxation compliance requirements but also to nurture their business ideas and help with motivation to make the necessary changes required for business growth.

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